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Peter's workplace has trouble marketing to millennials. They hire an outside "expert" to try and connect with millenials, to hit their target demographic


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Jonathan helps Drac modernize the hotel by suggesting that the team use social media to promote the hotel and recommending that the acts be updated since they do not appeal to the new human market segment. Finally, he teaches Drac how to use modern methods of communication, such as texting on a smartphone.
Cory has a discussion with his class about social media and how it impacts their lives. The discussion covers topics such as online anonymity and how the availability of information on the internet has led to the prevalence of short-lived content. He encourages his students to focus on what is really important and to think for themselves.
Has profanity
Penny and Sheldon discuss ways to improve Penny's business. Among other things, the way in which Penny markets her products is discussed, along with who she should be marketing the products towards.
Taylor joins a social network called Clicksters that everyone at school uses. Her friends help her set it up, and Taylor quickly becomes heavily involved in the website.
Has profanity
Rick and Morty go through a series of advertisements. From Old Spice to Sony, they engage in advertisements that they are fully aware of being advertisements.