Barney Stands Up
00:00 - 02:36
2m 36s
Barney stands up for himself and his badge to the two farmers who have been illegally selling their produce after being told twice to leave. He talks about how his badge represents his duty to uphold the law.


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Two men are selling their goods illegally on the side of the road. After they defy Andy and Barney's warnings to not do so, Andy goes to confrony them without his gun. When Barney asks why he doesn't bring one, Andy explains that he intends to make them listen not because he is threatening but because he is a police officer and they need to respect that.
A new deputy joining Andy and Barney suggests their manner of enforcing the law is flawed. They aren't meeting quotas nor making arrests pertaining to certain ordinances. Barney, after quitting, asks for his job back, explaining his qualifications and insisting that law enforcement is not about numbers, it's about people.
The squad has to go find new evidence after Jake makes a false arrest.
A male sports coach gets intimate with a student who feels uncomfortable about being alone with them.
When Andy and Barney are denied a new budget, they decide arresting someone on a felony charge might make their department famous.