A Crash Course in Federalism
09:56 - 12:30
2m 34s

In this clip, John Green details The Federalist Papers and the Constitutions Second Amendment about the right to "bear arms". However, Anti-Federalists opposed the Constitution, were backed by the "common people", and were in favor of smaller more local governments or state governments.


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Video Transcript

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In this clip, Craig Benzine details about the Federalists who favored big government and and were backed by the wealthy. On the other hand, the Anti-Federalists favored smaller government at the state level. This clip also covers how oftentimes the American government must "compromise" to "balance interests".
In this clip, we learn of James Madison's contribution to the Federalist Papers under the pen name "Publius". Madison contributed roughly one-third of the total 85 Federalist Papers and wrote Federalist 10 or about "factions" which were "groups of citizens with interestes that differ from the" whole nation. Madison also wrote Federalist 51 which spoke of "Checks and Balances", Federalist 54 addressed the issue of slavery and the Three-fifths Compromise.
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Has profanity
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