Abstract Art
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A history of abstract art and the lead up to art becoming abstract and why it still feels shocking and confuses people to this day.


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Video Transcript

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Paul Klee, a German WWI veteran said, "The more horrifying this world becomes, the more art becomes abstract." After the war, Klee and other abstract artists taught at the Bauhaus School which was influencial in abstract art and architecture.
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A brief overview of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, his style, impact, and influence as one of the most important in the 20th century.
Artists and writers in the 19th century shift their work to a new art style, realism.
Amid the McCarthy hearings and the launch of the civil rights movement in the 1950s, painter Jacob Lawrence sought to frame early American history the way he saw it. His ensuing work, the sprawling series “Struggle,” has been reassembled and is now on a national tour, with its first stop at the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts. Special correspondent Jared Bowen of WGBH visits the exhibit.