The Political War of the Rwandan Genocide
05:52 - 10:00
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The Rwandese Alliance for National Unity reformed into the militaristic Reandan Political Front. It was a veteran force armed and poised for an invasion into Rwanda and Juvenal Habyarimana, seize power in Rwanda.Under hum, all political activiy was banned.


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Video Transcript

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Over the course of a mere 100 days, the small country of Rwanda got to experience just about every single war crome possible, 1,000 times. When talking about African atrocities, we tend to get to hear so much about these tragedies, but never so much why they happended. We explore the beginning stages to what started the Rwandan Genocide.
Over the six months, a Dynamic had completely changed. Rwanda's economy in ruin, the FAR was weak, and the RPF was strong. They arrived at the gates of Kigali in days, leaving a path of destruction behind them. Abuse and rape was rampant. The targeting of educted and political Hutu not uncommon and thier massacres not unheard of.
The international community would finally respond on April 8th. French, Belgian, and U.S forves landed in Rwanda and began the evacation of expats, and expats only. All Rwandan refugees were turned back, and only foreigners saved. We see the finally end to this war.
This clip details the differences between the Hutus and Tutsis and how the Rwandan Civil War began.
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