The Beginning of The Texas Revolution
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The area today known as Texas was a part of Mexico, the US has yet adopted manifest destiny and the frontier was very much alive. Spain and France would both claim the region, but the french would be the first to settle it in the 17th century, but everyone died so the fertile plains of texas were untapped. We explore the development of this land
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As the dust settled on Mexico the threat of filibustering persisted and so the new government under the presidency of Guadalupe, Victoria. He sought to address the issue with general colonization law of 1824.The Empresario system that sought to turn American filibusters into mexican citizens. Empresarios on the behalf of thr Mexican goverment would be recruited to sell Texan land to immigrants at low prices and the empresario themselves were paid in land
When Mexican forces arrived in Gonzales, they found the militia armed with firearms the cannon and a banner that read come and take it. Significantly outnumbered the solduers were routed with one shot of the cannon one shot that won the battle. One shot that started the revolution.
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