Black Hole
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Lisa places the black hole in the basement but as trouble convincing everyone that the black hole is dangerous and can't keep the black hole from growing and engulfing Springfield.


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Video Transcript

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Homer enters a strange world with an extra, third, dimension. When he throws a cone into the floor, he ruptures space-time and creates a black hole.
While working together to solve a problem, the team breaks down the parts of a black hole.
Has profanity
Cooper and Brand are stuck in the gravity of a black hole. They use thrusters and the force exerted from detachingĀ other parts of the ship in order to escape. Unfortunately one of the two individuals must be detached in order to make anĀ escape.
Murph is distraught when she finds out that her father will be going into a black hole. Her father explains to her that time is slower in a black hole, so things will be different than what she thought.
Penrose describes his black hole theory, which sparks an idea in Stephen's mind. Stephen reverses Penrose's theory and develops one of his own. Stephen suggests that the universe was born from a black hole exploding. The black hole has such strong space-time singularity that nothing can escape from it, even light. The black hole is triggered by the collapse of a star.