Crash Course: Biology: Photosynthesis
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  • Biology → Plants → Photosynthesis

Hank explains in-depth the series of reactions that take place for a plant to produce food for itself, also known as photosynthesis. This video also explores the prerequisites (sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water) of these reactions.

Key Words: Xylem, Stomata, Chlorophyll, Chloroplast, Thylakoid, Photoexcitation, Photosystem II, Electron Transport Chain, Cytochrome Complex, ATP 

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This clip is associated with the following standards:
  • Next Generation Science Standards
    Plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow.
  • Next Generation Science Standards
    Use a model to illustrate how photosynthesis transforms light energy into stored chemical energy.
  • Next Generation Science Standards
    Construct a scientific explanation based on evidence for the role of photosynthesis in the cycling o...

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