Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Reconnect, Rinse, and Repeat
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Joel and Clementine admit their affection for each other and decide to try their relationship again despite all that could go wrong. All because they feel the good experiences are worth it. They’ll forget who they are, reconnect, rinse, and repeat. They may do this for the rest of their lives and may have even done it many times before. The pair have things they can’t stand about each other but are drawn together by desire alone. Are they trapped, or are they destined to be together? Is this something they’d want or a cycle they’d want to break? Who knows, but that’s relationships for you. They’re constricting but warm, powerful yet fragile, and they do repeat themselves in many ways.



This clip contains profanity at the following moments:
  • 00:53 - 00:54


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