Quantum Dots
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Quantum dots are nano sized crystals. They are used in display screens because they are able to emit lights of different colors. Researchers are looking to use these dots to create a new type of solar cell.


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Video Transcript

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The nanoscale meaning billionth of a meter in scale is an area of research scientists are looking towards to learn about material structure and application in medicine and electronics.
Microchips and computers are much smaller today because of nanotechnology. Devices are able to have more processing power and decrease in size.
Researchers at Caltech are scaling structures down to the nanoscale in order to make lightweight but strong material.
Nano coating is applied over a variety of every day objects like sunglasses, laptop screens and to repel water off items. Scientists and engineers at the University of Michigan are researching nano coating to be applied in solar panels and laptop displays.
Olivia discusses the story behind the physicists who invented a new type of microscope that could look at a single atom in sheet metal.