Biomechanics of Usain Bolt
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Usain Bolt holds the world record for being the fastest man alive. Runners require an incredible amount of strength because the stronger their muscles are the more strength they have to exert and push off the ground as they run.


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Olympic athlete, Jenny Simpson was injured after the 2008 Olympics as a direct result of repeated stress on her legs and feet from running. The risk of injury for runners is higher for their joints and bottom torso because of the constant impact of forces on their bodies.
The time keeping in the Olympics need extreme accuracy when measuring the difference between the first place winner and the other athletes. Precision and accuracy are very important to make sure the times are correct.
Engineers look at Sarah Robles arm as she weightlifts to design robotic arms that can mimic human hands and arms.
The Paralympics require athletes to have an incredible amount of strength and speed as they compete with one another in sports like wheelchair rugby. They optimize wheelchairs for easy maneuvering and speed when designing them for the sport.
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