First Jousting Competition
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2m 48s
Lord Phillip and William, who is impersonating Sir Ector, participates in a jousting competition. William wins the competition and gets a gold leaf as a prize.


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Video Transcript

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Geoffrey Chaucer introduces William to the crowd with a fake story of William's origins before William participates in a jousting competition.
Sir Ector's squires realize he is dead after almost winning the entire jousting competition. William decides to impersonate Sir Ector even though he is a peasant and does not have noble status.
William tries out new armor made by Kate for his jousting competition.
Adhemar explains the rules of the joust to Jocelyn.
William, a squire, is publically punished for impersonating his master, Sir Ector, in jousting competitions. He is placed in a pillory and food is thrown at him. Prince Edward, who William befriended during his jousting competitions, orders the guards to take him out of the pillory and knights him as "Sir William".