Famous Android
00:37 - 02:01
1m 24s
Andrew's secret of being an android is out, and people are having mixed reactions if androids are good or harmful.


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Frank asks Robot if he knows what stealing is and then tells him he stole an object shaped as a cat. Robot responds to Frank in a very human-like manner.
Has profanity
Detective Spooner tries to interrogate Sonny, a robot, to find out why he murdered his creator, Alfred Lanning. Spooner challenges Sonny's claims that robots can feel emotions and dreams; however, Sonny appears to convince him otherwise as the conversation progresses. Sonny then reveals that Lanning had asked him for a favor. As Lanning is someone he loves, Sonny felt obliged to do what was asked of him.
Grim gets Billy and Mandy into a theme park attraction called "The World of the Future" that is closed. When inside, Grim turn on the attraction and Sassy Cat, the cartoon character on which the theme park is based appears on a screen and narrates a future that runs on robot labor.
Wheeler sneaks into Dr. Blight's lab, but is spotted by the Dr.'s AI computer, "MAL." Linka sneaks in and tells Wheeler to keep MAL distracted while she rewires MAL's hardware. After MAL's hardware is rewired, he is revealed to be a nerdy man who likes games. This, according to Linka, was his original programming before Dr. Blight re-programmed him for evil.
The people of the council use AI technology in order to get data instantly transmitted to their brains. This allows less of a need for thinking or searching for information since it is so readily accessible.