Silicon Valley: Richard Gets Reflective
1m 58s
Richard explains to Dinesh and Gilfoyle a new compression algorithm that gives 10% better image quality when he was supposed to write his own code so Pied Piper can cut down on server usage as they make the trek a million users. Dinesh blows up at Richard after Richard said he was the CEO and it was his call to make. Dinesh tells Richard that he is just jealous and can't wrap it around his head that Pied Piper is a video chat company and was built by Dinesh.


This clip contains profanity at the following moments:
  • 00:03 - 00:03
  • 00:44 - 00:45
  • 00:51 - 00:52
  • 00:51 - 00:52
  • 01:02 - 01:03
  • 01:33 - 01:34


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