How to Enforce the Law
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A new deputy joining Andy and Barney suggests their manner of enforcing the law is flawed. They aren't meeting quotas nor making arrests pertaining to certain ordinances. Barney, after quitting, asks for his job back, explaining his qualifications and insisting that law enforcement is not about numbers, it's about people.


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Barney stands up for himself and his badge to the two farmers who have been illegally selling their produce after being told twice to leave. He talks about how his badge represents his duty to uphold the law.
Has profanity
Riots, protest, the brutuality has always occured, the difference is the current technology. It provides the ability to capture black injustices ad puts the world on a pedal stool to invoke change.
The squad has to go find new evidence after Jake makes a false arrest.
Has profanity
As Bill Clinton entered office, he exceeded the tough on crime persona of his predecessors. He builds an infrastructure allowing for brutality, preverse incentives, and abuse by law enforcement with his 1994 crime bill.
The LAPD are piloting a mathematical program developed by UCLA that predicts the probability of a crime occuring.