Plate Tectonics
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Bill Nye explains plate tectonics and the origination of its theory. The areas in which the tectonics spread apart is where volcanoes form. Conversely, the areas in which the tectonics come together is where mountains form.


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Scrat places a nut on the ground, causing theĀ Earth toĀ split in half. HeĀ travels down the layers of the Earth and chases the nut on the Earth's core. This clip comically shows how the different continents and many of Earth's iconic structures formed.
Abraham Ortelius created the first modern atlas and observed that the continents fit together like a puzzle piece. Alfred Wegner built on his work and uncovered the scientific evidence that all continents had once formed a big continent called Pangaea.
Plate tectonics have shuffled the earth's landmasses around, and continue to do so.
An 85-meter voilent tsunami wave destroys the whole area
Sabrina explains how the earth changes using seasons and landforms as examples. She illustrates how landforms form and change over time by mentioning plate tectonics, erosion, and weathering. She uses famous examples of gradual change (The Grand Canyon andĀ The Old Man of The Mountain) as well as examples of quick change (Mount St. Helens) to stress that the earth changes in ways that are both noticeable and not so obvious.