Pile It On!
From Cro
07:51 - 09:00
1m 9s
When Cro believes that some of their food storepiles is missing, Phil suggests weighing the mung with a balance scale against Og's body weight.


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Video Transcript

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Pakka explains how to use a fulcrum with a lever, so the Neanderthals can optimize the amount of weight that they can lift.
Sophie illustrates the six basic simple machines that exist and explains how they are useful in our everyday lives. She defines force and work and mentions that simple machines reduce the amount of work required for a task.
When Cro and Pakka meet for the first time, Cro shows her his new trick w a log. She explains to him that it is actually a lever that he is using and how it works.
Phil tells Mike a story of how he, Cro, and others used levers and catapults to save the lives of Bobb and Steamer when they get trapped by a earthquake to inspire Mike to have better aim when throwing paper baskets.
Beakman defines machines and acts like Archimedes to explain why a screw is a machine. He illustrates how he used a screw mechanism to remove water from a container to reduce the amount of work required to complete the task. Beakman then explains more about mechanical advantage and simple machines like the inclined plane.