Fighting Flyers With Fire
From The Croods

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00:00 - 02:42
2m 42s
Guy uses fire to save Eep and her family from the bloodthirsty birds, by using the fire as a weapon .


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Eep discovers fire for the first time. Fire allowed humans to fight, stay warm, consume healthier foods with more nutrients, and ultimately survive. Fire is one of the first discoveries that distinguished humans from other animals.
The Croods behave like Neanderthals in comparison to Guy, who is a Homo Sapiens. Guy mentions their sloping foreheads and extreme body hair, both of which set Neanderthals apart from Homo Sapiens. This clip also teaches that only Homo Sapiens have mastered fire, which set them apart from Neanderthals.
Has profanity
Guy helps the family of The Croods to walk on some pointy plants due to his invention (the shoes), a tool that they will use for the first time in their lives.
Has profanity
Guy helps Eep to set up a trap to catch an animal, this will be her first time to see someone hunting in an innovative way.
Beakman acts like Robert Bunsen and explains what is needed to make fire and how the Bunsen burner is unique.