Example of Bullying
23:47 - 26:43
2m 56s
Tara bullies Chrissa by bumping into her, then sticking her with a pen when no one else is watching. Chrissa is upset, and ends up going to the bathroom to inspect the damage. While in there, Tara takes the envelope she was supposed to bring to the office and does it herself to embarrass Chrissa.


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Video Transcript

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Chrissa, the new student at her school, is told her jokes are lame and is made to feel unwelcome in the cafeteria as soon as she arrives.
After her bullies send a rude letter to another girl, Chrissa is excluded from their club because they did not recieve any valentines.
At dinner, Chrissa is told her "friend" (actually one of her bullies) is at the front door. She explains that she is "supposed" to apologize for being mean to her. She says she is sorry, but she obviously doesn't mean it.
Biff and his friends bully George McFly into doing their homework for them. After the bullies leave the cafe, GoldieĀ encourages George to stand up for himself.
Parents question their injured daughter about who is bullying her at school.