Something Big
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Mr. Simonet's student, Trevor McKinney comes up with a concept for changing the world: "Pay It Forward."


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Has profanity
A man with a wounded arm sees that a young girl is struggling from her asthma and he urges the nurse to help the girl before she assists him.
Mr. Simonet gives his students a year-long assignment: "Think of an idea to change our world - and put it into ACTION!" He creates this assignment to prove to his students that, despite their age and current situation, they can indeed change the world. Mr. Simonet inspires his students by suggesting that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Jess sees Leslie being made fun of by other students from his window seat on the bus. When he sees another bully about to approach Leslie, he helps her out before the situation occurs.
A man saves a woman from a suicide attempt and in turn, she is helping him.
Shaw reaches out to Rawlins for help in understanding the men of the battalion. "Shoes, sir. The men need shoes, Colonel," is Rawlins' reply.