"It Just So Happens"
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Sally accidentally waits until the worst moment to proclaim something rather private in front of a group of strangers.


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Video Transcript

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Bridget calls Mark thinking it's a private call and speaks about their sex life. Moments later Mark lets Bridget know that he's in a meeting and the call was on speaker.
Dr. Sivana, after years of searching for the Wizard finally finds him. He is envious of his power, and the envy has turned to hatred.
Rachel walks in on Mike and questions his motives, she feels extra jealous now they're finally together.
Carter spies a man trying to talk to Leah and without explanation he launches into a rage and beats the man.
Diana Murphy bursts in on a lunch that John Gage is present in and accuses him off stealing their home. Diana is clearly showing anger in this scene as she rips the table cloth from the table.