Candy is Dandy
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After saving the day once again, the mayor rewards the Powerpuff Girls with come candy. The girls quickly become addicted to the sweets and crave more. The mayor refuses and tells them that they they can earn more candy as a reward for each time they save the day.


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Video Transcript

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Angelica is having withdrawal symptoms from not having cookies. She shows her desperation to the other babies when she begs them to tell her where the cookies are hidden.
Homer finds out the Ribwich is available at Springfield's local Krusty Burger and is excited to try it. After his first bite, he is immediately addicted to it and quickly eats a dozen of them. Homer displays a lack of self-control as he devours the Ribwiches.
Has profanity
When the Eds, Jonny, Kevin, and Rolf make bets to give up their respective habits for a day, they cope with it in varying ways. It is evident that they are addicted to certain habits and foods soon after the bet begins. As is characteristic of him, Eddy tries to sabotage the others so that he can win the bet.
James gets arrested over an altercation in the street. His caseworker comes to pick him up, and he heads to the pharmacy to get his methadone. Betty sees him there, and finds out he is an addict.
Phil Weston visits his local coffee shop where he impatiently waits in line. Due to his coffee addiction and impatience, he loses his cool.