Obviously Not a Spy
01:15 - 02:58
1m 43s

Agent English meets with Ophelia at the bar and has a short conversation with her. After she leaves, he tells his assistant, Bough, how charming she is and how she's totally innocent. Bough presents suspicious information about her, but English dismisses each piece of evidence by making up some excuse.


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Video Transcript

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Joan believes that a sword lying in a field is a sign, and The Conscience contends that it wasn't a sign; it was just a sword in a field. The Conscience explains several ways that a sword may have found itself in a field to illustrate to Joan that she filtered out all other possibilities in order to support her beliefs.
Has profanity
The Eds think Kevin and the other cul-de-sac kids are up to something evil, but in reality they are preparing for and celebrating Jimmy's birthday. Because of their history with Kevin, The Eds are more likely to think that he is participating in an activity to their detriment.
Has profanity
Billy thinks Grim killed everyone he cares about. Grim denies his accusation until Mandy comes along with a box and ominously invites them over for dinner. Billy thinks Mandy ate the people he cares about, but then Grim suggests he's jumping to conclusions. The two try to find evidence that she is a cannibal. Billy continues to be paranoid, sticking to his belief that Mandy ate the people he cared about, but Grim keeps a level head until finally joining him in his paranoia, only for it to be revealed that everything was a plan for Billy's surprise birthday party.
Phil and Lil each imagine their parents treating the other twin better. They then have a debate on their parents' favorite twin but realize it's all in their heads.
When Kramer finds it infeasible to use his cue stick in a game of pool, he uses a conductor's baton as a cue stick. By not limiting himself to the intended use of the baton, he overcomes functional fixedness.