The Big Bang Theory: Negative Reinforcement vs. Positive Punishment
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  • Science → Psychology → Operant Conditioning
Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj use negative reinforcement and positive punishment to keep themselves focused on their work. It doesn't exactly work as planned.

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  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - Social Studies
    demonstrate an understanding of the principles of operant and classical conditioning and of social l...

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00:13 Today we will be discussing Behaviorism - specifically Operant Conditioning. This clip is discuss... Timed 01:30
00:54 Is this an example of positive punishment or negative reinforcement? Why? Timed 03:00


  • Robin Roberson
    almost 4 years ago
    I like to use this clip and a couple of others to help firm up students' understanding of +/- reinforcement/punishment. After explaining the two axes of operant conditioning: behavior change (increase/decrease) and stimulus type (pleasant/unpleasant), we go through the clips and identify the behavior change and stimulus type. Then we decide if we agree with what the characters said was the form of operant conditioning.
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