Chemical Reactions are Partnerships
12:47 - 19:38
6m 51s
Beakman explains what a chemical reaction is and then shows examples of three kinds of reactions which he explains are like partnerships: synthesis (marriage), decomposition (divorce), and double displacement (do-si-do).


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Has profanity
After their negotiations went wrong, Walter White misled a drug dealer by making him think that the fulminated mercury is Meth, a few moments later, he threw the piece of the mercury on the ground to make a massive explosion.
Beakman explains chemical reactions and discusses how chemicals can be put together without reacting. He provides examples of both solutions and suspensions and demonstrates how to use a flashlight to tell if a mixture is a solution or a suspension.
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Beakman explains catalysts using demos involving glue and hydrogen peroxide. He explains how catalysts make things happen faster than normal. He proves that catalysts aren't depleted in a reaction by adding in more hydrogren peroxide during his demo and watching the reaction occur again without the need to add more catalyst.
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