Ed Learns the Violin
00:00 - 02:10
2m 10s

Ed practices the violin but isn't very good at it. Double D encourages him to practice and believes it will help him improve. Meanwhile, Eddy tries to destroy the violin because of the awful sound coming from it.


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A student in Louanne Johnson's class asks her what the prize is for reading poems. She states that learning is the prize and explains to her students how learning will benefit them in their lives. Her explanation encourages her students to better themselves.
Mr. Feeny poses a word problem to his students, and Corey correctly explains that the purpose of the problem is not to test the class' ability to find the correct answer but to understand that there is not always a correct answer.
Principal Joe Clark holds his teachers to a high expectation. He asks them if they are doing all that they can to make their students successful. He stated that they are responsible for their students' learning and that they should take part in helping them grow.
Dwight is confident that experience is the best teacher. He simulates a real fire for his co-workers to find out if they understand what to do in the event of a fire. During the simulation, he tries to give them advice, but they are too panicked to pay attention to him.
Kevin thinks back to the time when his father told him to play second base. The team complains when Kevin misses the catch. However, his father continues to encourage and be there for him.