Crash Course: World History: The Fall of Rome
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  • History → Ancient Rome → Fall of the Roman Empire

John Green explains some of the decisions of the Roman empire that led to its demise. Most notably, Rome tried to incorporate conquered people into Roman culture, which worked in the early days of the empire, but eventually led to barbarians inside the gates.


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Public Discussion Questions

  1. What did Rome no longer have after the year 476?
  2. How did Tacitus explain the eventuality of Rome's fall?
  3. Why was the hiring of Germanic mercenaries a "recipe for civil war"?

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This clip is associated with the following standards:
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - Social Studies
    identify major causes and describe the major effects of the following important turning points in wo...
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - Social Studies
    explain the impact of the fall of Rome on Western Europe
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - Social Studies
    compare the factors that led to the collapse of Rome and Han China.

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