The Word, "Observe"
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Actor Jerry O'Connell and Murray illustrate the meaning of the word, "observe."


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Joey joins his friends in a cafe while they are discussing what they would each do if they were omnipotent. When Monica poses the question to Joey, it is clear he does not understand its meaning.
Alan and Jake are eating in the kitchen on a Friday night, and Alan suggests that Jake get started on his homework early so that he doesn't have to worry about it. To convince Jake to do his homework, he explains how Charlie's grades suffered when he was a student because he put off his homework until the last minute. Alan later tells Jake to stop procrastinating, and he defines the word and uses it in a sentence when Jake asks what "procrastinating" means.
Truman Burbank goes through his daily routine and shows off his good manners in the process. He is confused when a lighting rig falls from the sky but learns from the news that an aircraft in trouble was shedding parts.
Has profanity
Nick teaches his son how to think about the writing prompt that his teacher assigned him. He encourages his son to think beyond the parameters that his teacher set for the prompt and reinforces the idea that you are never wrong if you are able to argue correctly.
Sergeant Mark orders vowel letterhead "O" to state his long and short sounds. He also asks the letterhead to state his sound when used in the words, "not" and "note."