Following Buzz and Delete
From Cyberchase
03:27 - 07:39
4m 12s

The CyberSquad is having trouble keeping track of Buzz and Delete's moves, so Inez suggests they determine the floor that Buzz and Delete are on and go directly there instead of following each individual move. She draws a number line to make it easier to find out where the two villains are. The villains' most recent moves confuse the group, as they end up below the ground floor. Matt, Inez, and Jackie realize that they need to travel to negative floor numbers and define negative numbers for the confused Digit.


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Video Transcript

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The CyberSquad finds that no one is on floor -3, and Motherboard cannot track their location. Jackie guesses that they are on floor -5, the Grand Ballroom, so Digit tries to determine which direction to go. Initially, he thinks that they should go up, but that turns out to be incorrect. Jackie, Inez, and Matt explain to Digit why -5 is less than -3.
Has profanity
Smilla compares numbers to human life and defines natural numbers, negative numbers, and fractions.
Square One TV shows kids how to properly round numbers. Mathematics R US offers a rounding service for their customers. They offer a special price in exchange for rounding numbers to the nearest tenth.
The kids need to order things from coldest to warmest then order the subsequent temperatures from negative to positive.
Has profanity
The captain tells the squadron that he is expanding it to four members, which concerns all of the lieutenants. Lt. Purcell states that four is an unlucky number because it's not prime. He then defines a prime number.