The Sandlot: Retrieval Suction
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The boys use the suction of three vacuum cleaners to retrieve a ball that is out of their reach. Their attempt fails when the "Beast" chomps down on a pipe, which blocks off almost all air flow to the suction.

Public Discussion Questions

  1. Is the suction three times stronger as a result of having three suction pipes?
  2. Does any energy get lost as it travels through the pipe?

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Public Pause Prompts

Start Time Prompt Timing Length
00:16 What does "retieval suction" have to do with air pressure? Timed 01:00
00:38 Why did the boys use three vaccuum cleaners? Timed 01:00
00:57 When the Beast bit through the vaccuum pipe why did the ball drop? Timed 01:00
01:53 What happens to cause the clubhouse to blow up? Timed 01:00
01:56 What is the cause of the treehouse blowing up? Timed 01:00


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