Global Warming - None Like It Hot!
From Futurama
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Describes the effects of global warming on the world.


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Video Transcript

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Mr. Krabs releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to create a year-long summer. His ultimate goal is to open The Krusty Pool and make money off of it. SpongeBob takes Mr. Krabs' global warming efforts to a whole new level.
Al Gore explains just how thin the Earth's atmosphere is compared to the Earth itself and then delves into the science of global warming.
This clip promotes the protection and preservation of marine ecosystems. It explains how global warming and overfishing disturb the natural habitat of marine species.
Captain Compost Heap (CCH) sings a song about the importance of recycling, conserving the environment, and reducing pollution. The song explains the adverse effects of neglecting the environment and provides insight into the factors causing global warming.
Bill Nye explains climate change and the impact it can have on the environment and our lives. He mentions consequences such as the rise in sea levels, an increase in temperature, and an increase in the occurrence of natural disasters. Bill states that, while humans may have contributed to climate change, they can also be part of the solution by reducing their carbon footprint through recycling, reusing items, and using less energy.