Social-Emotional Learning with Movies

Use ClassHook's movie clips in SEL instruction.

Why movies?

Movies make social-emotional learning (SEL) tangible through relevant and realistic examples.

Many social-emotional learning concepts can be difficult to grasp. Movies bring these concepts to life by presenting them authentically. Dealing with conflict, identifying emotions, and demonstrating social awareness are prevalent in just about every movie.

Improve understanding using visual examples
Capture student interest and attention
Create a comfortable environment for discussion

Aligned to SEL Competencies

ClassHook's movie clips are searchable by CASEL's Core SEL Competencies, so you can easily find the right video for SEL lessons, whether you're discussing impulse control or identifying emotions.

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision-making

Increase Engagement

Teachers using ClassHook report a 70% average increase in engagement compared to other types of content.

ClassHook's library of movie clips improves student engagement and retention

  • Popular media captures student interest and attention because it is relatable, which is key to a successful SEL lesson.
  • We forget 66% of what we learn in a single day. ClassHook helps to reinforce key concepts for students in a fun and memorable way.
  • ClassHook helps students understand character perspective, motives, and feeling, which helps them to become more empathetic and well-rounded citizens.
Teacher thinking at desk

Save your teachers time

Critical to an effective learning environment is an effective teacher.

In talking with teachers, we found that they are keen to include forms of media in their lesson, but when it can take up to an hour to find the right content, does it become a high priority?

With ClassHook, teachers can find content-specific videos that are appropriate for their students in just a few minutes. This saves them time so that they can focus on student understanding and achievement, not on searching.

More Than SEL

ClassHook's movie clips cover a wide range of topics, from ELA to Health, enabling your teachers to cover other curriculum topics alongside SEL.

As a Hook
Capture student attention and interest with a short, engaging, and on-topic TV or movie clip.
Exemplify real-world scenarios
Present ethical dilemmas, showcase science experiments, and explore controversial topics.
Encourage deeper discourse
Challenge students to think critically about the videos they're watching, and practice key skills with Live Discussions.

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