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  • Dante's Peak: Please Stay Calm

    Science → Geology → Volcanism
    Science → Geology → Natural Hazards
    Science → Earth Science → Earthquakes
    Earth Science → Volcanoes → Composite Volcano
    The volcano erupts during a town hall meeting convened to discuss the threat of such an eruption. The residents panic and rush to leave.

  • TED-Ed: How Ocean Currents Work

    Science → Earth Science → Ocean Currents
    Science → Earth Science → Coriolis Effect
    Science → Oceanography → Thermohaline Circulation
    This clip illustrates ocean currents and the factors that affect them. It mentions that there are both surface currents and deep sea currents, which make up 90% of the ocean's water. It also explains how the Earth's rotation causes phenomena such as the Coriolis Effect.

  • Malcolm in the Middle: Acceleration vs. Velocity

    Science → Astronomy → Universal Expansion
    Science → Physics → Acceleration
    Science → Physics → Velocity
    Malcolm explains to his brothers the difference between acceleration and velocity while watching TV. He explains that, at any given moment, the Earth is rotating at 1,000 MPH and traveling at almost 67,000 MPH.

  • MythBusters: Talking to Plants

    Science → Scientific Method → Testing
    Science → Scientific Method → Control Groups
    Science → Experiments → Variables
    The MythBusters test the myth that talking to plants makes them grow better. They set up several test groups of bush peas, and all are under the same conditions except the type of sound to which they are exposed.

  • Contact: Journey Through The Universe

    Science → Astronomy → Light
    Science → Astronomy → Celestial Objects
    Science → Astronomy → Universe
    Illustrates the journey of radio waves traveling through the universe. As the waves continue their journey deeper into space, the soundtrack gets older and quieter. Along the journey, the waves pass by celestial objects such as planets, stars, and nebulae.