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  • Home (2015): Lying and Leaving

    Self-Awareness → Identifying Emotions → Anger
    Self-Management → Impulse Control → Self-Regulation
    Self-Management → Stress Management → Self-Regulation
    Tip and Oh are about to find Tip's mom when Oh tries to get Tip to run away with him. The Gorg are about to attack, and Oh tells Tip it is not safe to stay. Tip gets angry at him for wanting to leave and lying that he would help her find her mom until the end. Oh debates on staying but ultimately leaves.

  • Home (2015): Interrupting Cow

    Self-Awareness → Identifying Emotions → Stress
    Self-Management → Stress Management → Self-Regulation
    Oh is worried about being punished for his mistakes and Tip tries to cheer him up and relieve his stress by teaching him a knock knock joke.

  • Home (2015): The Gorg Attacks

    Self-Awareness → Communication → Fear
    Relationship Skills → Identifying Emotions → Teamwork
    Self-Management → Stress Management → Self-Regulation
    Language Arts → Literature Themes → Survival
    As Tip and Oh fly across the sky, they recall their journey together through reenactments and pictures. When Tip falls asleep, Oh takes care of her while driving into the night and appreciating things about the "human world," such as paintings and music. In the second half of the clip, they are suddenly attacked by the Gorg and together, they use their teamwork and survival skills to escape.

  • Home (2015): Fixing My Mistakes

    Responsible Decision-Making → Identifying Problems → Analyzing Situations
    Responsible Decision-Making → Identifying Problems → Solving Problems
    Self-Awareness → Self-confidence → Identity
    Self-Awareness → Self-efficacy → Confidence
    Oh sacrifices himself to save humanity and his kind. He does this for Tip because he loves her.

  • Dead Poets Society: The Walk

    Self-Awareness → Self-confidence → Independent Thinking
    Self-Awareness → Self-efficacy → Conformity
    Mr. Keating teaches his students about conformity and urgers independent thinking.