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  • Cyberchase: Proving Hacker Wrong

    Math → Mathematical Logic → Proofs
    Math → Mathematical Logic → Counterexample
    Math → Geometry → Triangles
    Jackie, Matt, and Inez set out to prove that Hacker doesn't deserve to be the ruler of Cyberspace. They try to find a counterexample to his statement that "you can always make a triangle out of any three rods." After some experimentation, they discover that one long rod and two short rods do not connect and therefore do not make a triangle. They present their findings during the debate.

  • Lincoln: Euclid

    Math → Mathematicians → Euclid
    Math → Equality → Transitive Property of Equality
    Abraham Lincoln makes reference to Greek mathematician Euclid, who states that things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.

  • Donald in Mathmagic Land: Pythagoras and The Pythagoreans

    Math → History of Mathematics → Pythagoras
    The narrator explains to Donald the story of Pythagoras, who is considered by some to be the father of mathematics and music. He discusses Pythagoras' society, the Pythagoreans, and how they used mathematics to create music.

  • Donald in Mathmagic Land: Math is More Than Numbers

    Math → Geometry → Sphere
    Math → Geometry → Cone
    Math → Real World Application → Shapes in Everyday Items
    Math → Real World Application → Patterns in Nature
    The narrator explains that mathematics is much more than simply numbers and equations. He shows how different shapes, such as spheres and cones, can be found in nature and are used in technology both at home and in several industries.

  • The Abbott and Costello Show: Seven into Twenty-Eight

    Math → Mathematical Logic → Proofs
    Math → Multiplication → Proof of Concept
    Bud Abbott, the landlord, collects thirteen week's worth of rent at $7 a week from his tenant, Lou Costello. Lou argues that he only owes $28. Perplexed by what Lou is saying, Bud offers to give Lou the room for free if he can prove to him why the answer is $28.