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  • Kindergarten Cop: Shut Up!

    Business → Entrepreneurship → Unstructured Environment
    Detective John Kimble tries to bring order to the classroom, which has been riddled with anarchy.

  • Schoolhouse Rock!: Figure Eight

    Math → Multiplication → By 8
    Learning how to multiply by eight.

  • Schoolhouse Rock!: I Got Six

    Math → Multiplication → By 6
    Learning how to multiply by six.

  • Inside Out: Meeting Bing Bong

    Relationship Skills → Relationship Building → Building Friendships
    Joy meets Bing Bong in Riley's memories. Joy and Bing Bong enjoy discussing RIley's memories of Bing Bong.

  • Sesame Street: The Power of Yet

    Rhetoric → Persuasion → Pathos
    Psychology → Personality Traits → Grit
    This song emphasizes the importance of grit. Its joyful tone convinces the audience that, even though you may not succeed the first time, you will eventually succeed if you are persistent.