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  • Kindergarten Cop: Shut Up!

    unstructured environment
    Detective John Kimble tries to bring order to the classroom, which has been riddled with anarchy.

  • Steven Universe: The Kindergarten

    Amethyst takes Steven to where she was made, which was a colonization site for gems made to destroy the earth. Pearl finds and confronts Amethyst, causing her to admit that her origin causes self-loathing.

  • SciShow Kids: Mixing Colors!

    primary colors
    mixing colors
    Join Squeaks and Jessi as they work on their paintings, and learn how to make new colors with red, yellow and blue.

  • Brave: Princess Behavior

    scottish culture
    world cultures
    While Merida is busy explaining her adventures of the day, her mother receives news that the clans have accepted the proposal to present themselves as suitors, but Merida doesn't quite fit the princess mold her mother had in mind.

  • Schoolhouse Rock!: Figure Eight

    by 8
    Learning how to multiply by eight.