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  • Pearl Harbor: We Are at War

    American History → Presidents → FDR
    History → American History → Pearl Harbor Retaliation
    History → World War II → US Entrance
    History → World War II → Pearl Harbor Attack
    President Franklin Roosevelt and his defense cabinet discuss retaliation plans for the Pearl Harbor attack. He urges them to strike the heart of Japan and not to give up or give in. When they claim his request is not possible, he stands up out of his wheelchair to illustrate that it can be done.

  • Schoolhouse Rock!: No More Kings

    History → American History → Colonial Times
    History → American History → The American Revolution
    History → American History → Causes for The American Revolution
    A great, kid-friendly overview of how and why the American colonies were formed and why the colonists revolted against the British.

  • The First Emperor of China: Qin's Solution

    History → Chinese History → Qin Dynasty
    History → Chinese History → Qin Shi Huang
    Chinese History → Qin Dynasty → Book Burning
    This clip describes Qin Shi Huang's strict regime. He ordered the burning of books advocating for freedom of thought so that he can preserve his own law. When the intellectuals spoke out against the book burning, Qin ordered them to be killed.

  • Pearl Harbor: Infamy Speech

    History → American History → Infamy Speech
    American History → Presidents → FDR
    History → World War II → US Entrance
    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gives his famous speech to Congress following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. At the end of his speech, he asks Congress to declare war against Japan, which officially brings the United States into World War II.

  • John Adams: Coercive Acts

    American History → Intolerable Acts → Boston Port Act
    History → American History → Intolerable Acts
    American History → Intolerable Acts → Massachusetts Government Act
    The British read the Interolable Acts to the people of Massachusetts in response to the Boston Tea Party. These acts brought Massachusetts under the control of the British government and closed the port of Boston until the colonists paid for the destroyed tea. The colonists are outraged by these new laws.