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  • Beakman's World: Health Tips

    Health Education → Personal Health → Diet
    Health Education → Personal Health → Healthy Habits
    Beakman goes to the doctor to learn how to stay healthy. The doctor explains how nutrition, exercise, hygiene, rest/sleep, and regular checkups are key to staying healthy overall.

  • The Weight of the Nation: Healthcare Costs Greatly Impacted by Obesity

    Public Health → Healthcare → Obesity
    Since workers who are obese costs more to care for, employeers are having to come up with solutions to save them money.

  • The Cosby Show: Food for Thought

    Health → Nutrition → Healthy Diet
    One of Cliff and Clair's friends recently suffered from a heart attack, and Clair urges Cliff to eat healthier because they're similar in age. However, Cliff struggles with his cravings.

  • Downton Abbey: Marriage Talk

    Health Education → Relationships → Healthy Relationships
    Matthew talks to Mary about her marriage. He expresses his happiness that she has found a person who would be willing to do anything for her and indicates that he is in full support of her decision to marry Richard.

  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Shower... Shower...

    Health Education → Personal Health → Lack of Personal Hygiene
    Health Education → Mental Disorders → Diogenes Syndrome
    When Double D's shower is being renovated, he has trouble getting his day off on the right foot. After repeatedly being denied a shower from the other kids and accidentally getting himself dirtier in the process, he loses his mind. He completely neglects his well-being and embraces throwing trash on himself.