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  • Sesame Street: Sing the Alphabet Song!

    language arts
    The Sesame Street Muppets sing the alphabet.

  • Paul Bunyan: The Tales of Paul Bunyan

    language arts
    paul bunyan
    Paul Bunyan is a giant lumberjack in American folklore. His exploits revolve around the tall tales of his superhuman labors

  • Johnny Appleseed: The Legend

    language arts
    johnny appleseed
    One of America’s fondest legends is that of Johnny Appleseed, a folk hero and pioneer apple farmer in the 1800’s. There really was a Johnny Appleseed and his real name was John Chapman. He was born in Leominster, Massachusetts in 1774. His dream was to produce so many apples that no one would ever go hungry.

  • The Tortoise and the Hare: The Race

    language arts
    the tortoise and the hare
    The Tortoise and the Hare is one of Aesop's Fables. The two opponents approach the race in opposite methods, and the moral of the story is that slow and steady wins the race.

  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Daniel Radcliffe Raps Alphabet Aerobics

    figurative language
    language arts
    literary devices
    Daniel performs Blackalicious' song, "Alphabet Aerobics," which contains plenty of alliteration.