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  • Doctor Who: The TARDIS Says Hello

    saying goodbye
    quick thinking
    The Doctor stands up to a villan who has possessed his spacecraft by pointing out that his TARDIS, which is now trapped in a human body, is here to take her place back.

  • The Andy Griffith Show: Romeo, Juliet, and their Soliloquies

    english language arts
    Andy recounts the story of Romeo and Juliet to Opie, teaching him about soliloquies in the meantime.

  • Amélie: Amelie Helps a Blind Man

    The narrator describes the setting: Amelie experiences a feeling of perfect harmony and has an urge to help others. She helps walk a blind man to the metro. Along the way, she describes in meticulous detail the various activities going on in the city.

  • The Amanda Show: The Literals

    literal language
    literal and nonliteral language
    A family new to the neighborhood invites over their neighbors, The Literals, for a get-together. The Literals interpret literally all of the figures of speech that are used in their conversations.

  • Angels & Demons: The Pantheon

    ancient rome
    the pantheon of rome
    roman mythology
    Professor Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra enter the Pantheon, a home for all the gods of Ancient Rome. Many architectural elements are featured, such as the oculus, dome, vestibule, and the Ionic and Corinthian columns.