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  • The Wire: We Got an Elastic Product

    product elasticity
    product elasticity of demand
    Stringer Bell learns about product elasticity and then explains it to the gangsters he is in business with.

  • Flubber: Discovering Flubber

    scientific method
    physical properties
    Professor Philip Brainard creates Flubber and tries to learn more about it. He performs quick tests on the physical properties of Flubber and finds that it is a highly viscous elastomer that can also phase shift between a liquid and a solid. Using observation skills, he also learns that Flubber is moldable, foldable, ductile, and elastic, among other properties.

  • Beakman's World: Constant Collisions

    elastic collision
    inelastic collision
    Beakman explains collisions and how all of the energy from the collision needs to go somewhere. The energy is either transferred to the other object, to heat, or to noise. They explain elastic vs. inelastic collisions using a game show skit.

  • Cyberchase: Cooking Timer

    elapsed time
    Digit and Matt make stew for a cooking competition, and Digit explains how he will use a timer to cook it for 5 minutes. When Buzz steals the timer, Digit panics, but Matt explains how they can use a clock to cook the stew for the correct amount of time.

  • Fantastic Four (2005): Final Battle with Dr. Doom

    properties of metals
    high elasticity
    high melting point
    The Fantastic Four are battling Dr. Doom, who has turned into an organic metal capable of absorbing and manipulating electrical energy. They win the battle by exposing him to excessive heat and then cooling him down rapidly with water, turning him into a solid piece of metal.