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  • Barbershop 2: Back in Business: New Rules

    action rule
    Calvin institutes three new rules to make the barber shop more family-friendly and professional. His employees are not happy with some rules, as they limit what the employees can do.

  • Margin Call: Be First, Be Smarter, or Cheat

    Has profanity
    business operations
    business practice
    poor business practice
    applied ethics
    business ethics
    Sam Rogers explains how he would get the traders to sell all of the company's mortgage assets in a day, bringing up ethical concerns in the process. Among the concerns is that the company will be selling customers a product with no value. John Told's response shows that he cares more about the company than its customers. This is made most evident by John's justification of selling the product to customers in order to keep the company afloat.

  • The Founder: The Kitchen Operation

    business operations
    business process standardization
    Ray gets a tour of the McDonald's kitchen and learns about their standardized and efficient cooking process.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun: Dick and Tommy Visit the Company

    business operations
    financial management
    operations management
    cutting costs
    Dick and Tommy visit Eversoll, Inc. to find ways to cut overspending and "trim the fat."

  • A View to a Kill: Anybody Else Want to Drop Out?

    negotiation styles
    type of business
    monopolistic business
    Max Zorin presents a plan to monopolize the microchip industry in Silicon Valley. His terms are non-negotiable and arguably unreasonable. The terms are that each person pays him $100M and half of their net income. As a response, Max does not hesitate to dismiss anyone who does not want to be part of his cartel plan.