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Has profanity
In this scene, Andy takes a drink before confronting his cheating wife. The scene cuts to the courtroom, where he is explaining to the prosecution what happened that night. Then, the scene cuts back to Andy's confrontation.
Cristina is upset with her mother, Flor, for taking her out of private school and narrates their reconciliation from her point of view. Cristina translates her mother's Spanish as the conflict unfolds.
Amy and her father prepare to guide the geese south for the winter. They plan out the journey and give the geese flying workouts so they will be able to handle the long flight times.
Joe describes his movie nights with Norma Desmond from his point of view.
When Mr. Mathieu ends the school year term, he receives notes of affirmation for the positive impact he made on his students. He had questioned if anyone truly acknowledged his existence, but in this moment of gratitude, he knew his presence was unforgettable.