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  • A Film About The Residents: Theory of Obscurity

    Has profanity
    This clip is from a documentary about the band, The Residents. It revolves around their history and experience on tour.

  • Liberty's Kids: Voting For Independence

    The Second Continental Congress votes to declare independence from Great Britain then refines the text of the Declaration of Independence. After the text is revised, the delegates sign the document and disseminate it to the colonists. George Washington reads the document to his local soldiers, and its words invigorate them to fight for independence.

  • Schoolhouse Rock!: Fireworks

    This clip explains the Declaration of Independence and why it was drafted. It also mentions key people involved in the drafting of the document, including Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

  • The Newsroom: You've Committed Espionage

    Neal steals documents through his source in order to create a story. Rebecca informs him that he's committed espionage and treason and that no amendments, including the first, can protect an individual for conspiring to commit treason. Rebecca tells Neal more specifically that he has violated sections 641, 793-e, and 1030a of Title 18 of the U.S. Code.

  • John Adams: Declaration of Independence

    Congress approves the Declaration of Independence which states that the colonies must be free and independent states. All delegates vote in favor of the document except for those from New York, who abstain from voting.