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Yakko lists out all of the nations in the world while also showing their location on the world map.
Note: Turn on the captions on the video player to view English subtitles. During a nationwide general strike meant to bring attention to the Algerian struggle against the French, French authorities attempt to pacify the Algerian people. The French make negative comments about the National Liberation Front (FLN) in order to counter domestic support for the organization. A young Algerian boy gains access to a microphone and garners support for the FLN.
Ray Kroc, a salesman who became pivital in turning McDonalds into one of the biggest restaurant franchises of the world, aims to recruit employees to McDonalds but only wants those who can put in the work to realize the American Dream.
This music video explores the national debt of the U.S. Government. It explains what the debt is and how it got to be so large.
The Warners cover general information about the United Nations. They illustrate the diverse nature of the organization and explain its purpose.