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Preston learns how to open a bank account through a teller.
Here we can see Andy helping the boy's father discipline him. It is clear to both of them that the boy is lacking accountability and morality for his choices in taking advantage of his father. This awareness growing for the audience is keen to prompt awareness in themselves and their own actions.
Christian Woolf consults a couple on what to do about their dire financial situation. During the conversation, he learns that Rita Blackburn makes necklaces at home and sells them. Christian realizes that they can claim a home-based business and receive a tax deduction through the IRS' Home Office Deduction.
Rodrigo Borgia insinuates that the Cardinal is taking money and asks him about how he has been handling the accounts. Guilia tells the Cardinal that double-entry bookkeeping will help trace the missing funds.
Has profanity
Gordon confronts an owner for taking his staffs tips, and not paying them appropriately.