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Nick explains what a prime number is and determines that the serial killer commits a murder on dates in the month that are prime numbers.
The math club illustrates how the distributive property is useful when working with variables. They need to make five friendship bracelets and know the materials required to make a single bracelet. Using the distributive property, they find out the total number of materials needed to create all five bracelets.
Inez and Lucky try to determine how many clones exist of Delete. They write down what they know and notice a pattern: every time Delete sneezes, three new clones appear. Inez then explains how they can calculate the number of Delete clones that exist using multiplication.
Since Hacker has a secret device that can listen in on their conversations, Matt, Inez, Jackie, and Digit need to create a way to communicate with each other without Hacker knowing what they are saying. They decide to create a code and an accompanying ruleset so that both the sender and receiver can understand the message. Inez suggests using the page number, line number, and word number within the line of Digit's book, The Cyberchef, to communicate.
Bart is running away from a group of kids from the neighboring town, Shelbyville. He enters a tiger feeding area and needs to exit through door number 7 to escape; otherwise, he'll encounter a man-eating tiger. However, the doors are labeled in roman numerals, and he doesn't know roman numerals. He uses his knowledge of Rocky movies to figure out the correct door to open.