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Has profanity
Vehemently opposed to the New York army draft, working-class men riot in New York City and attack any draft supporters, wealthy individuals, and blacks to express their anger. A voiceover of a journalist describes the numerous incidences of violence.
O.B. Williams and Ruth Robeson rush to get their son to safety when the fighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma breaks out. Groups of armed white residents attacked black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District, leaving many businesses destroyed and many residents wounded or killed. O.B. and Ruth send their son off to a safer place to ensure his safety.
Has profanity
Riots, protest, the brutuality has always occured, the difference is the current technology. It provides the ability to capture black injustices ad puts the world on a pedal stool to invoke change.
A gang leader has some innocent Irishmen hanged for absurd claims so that he can stop being accused of not taking action on the rampant criminality in the Five Points neighborhood of Manhattan.
After Rue's death, Katniss prepares a bed of flowers for her. She then finds a camera, and lifts 3 fingers in a symbol of unity and strength. Those watching at District 11 return the gesture and are punished.