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Chandler starts a new job as an advertising intern. He comes up with a commercial for a shoe company, and impresses his boss with his newfound abilities.
Tony Stark presents a new missile system to a group of high-ranking military men. He delivers a product pitch while engaging in a product demo.
Wayne and Garth tell Benjamin that they are not interested in the money and will not "sell out" to sponsors, yet they demonstrate the opposite.
Has profanity
During Andy's product pitch, he realizes that his audience is disengaged and adjusts his pitch to grab their attention. Instead of highlighting the technicalities of his product, he uses a demonstration to back up the claims that his product is safe and non-toxic, unlike competing products.
Scuttle claims to be an expert on "human stuff" and gives Ariel a persuasive explanation of a "dinglehopper," or a fork. He shows the benefits of the dinglehopper and its versatility through a product demonstration. He attempts the same with a "snarfblat," or a smoking pipe.