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Has profanity
George sees an éclair inside the garbage can, and he decides to eat it when he believes that no one is watching him. He debates with Jerry over whether or not it is actually considered garbage. Jerry contends that it is garbage because it was in the receptable, adjacent to refuse, and partially eaten.
Has profanity
Gordon confronts the chef about the restaurants low sales and expensive ingredients.
The bees scour central park in search of pollen producing flowers. This is an example of job functions and operations of particular worker within an organization. The bees have particular systems, controls, language, and techniques within their specialty that make them effective.
Andrew Simon, President and CEO of Freemont street experience goes undercover, and is taught how zipline operations work.
At a prison, Andy locks himself in the warden's room and broadcasts Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro: Sull'aria" to everyone in the prison through the speakers.