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  • Lean on Me: Schoolwide Sing-along

    The school had everyone come listen to lean on me to show the connection between the students and what the school would do for them. Everyone was very excited to hear it because they liked the song, and the scene contained many smiling children.

  • The Sixties: Kennedy and Khrushchev Come Together

    Some reconciliation takes place between the Soviet Union and the United States as they agree, along with the United Kingdom, to ban nuclear weapon testing in the atmosphere, under water, and in space.

  • United Newsreel: 1944 to 1945: Conference in Crimea

    The three world leaders Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt come together during the Yalta Conference to decide how Germany will be defeated, divided and punished. Each leader has his own special interests, and together they decide on their post-war zones of influence across the globe. The Yalta Conference inadvertently set the rules for the Cold War.

  • Bill Nye, the Science Guy: Plate Tectonics

    Bill Nye explains plate tectonics and the origination of its theory. The areas in which the tectonics spread apart is where volcanoes form. Conversely, the areas in which the tectonics come together is where mountains form.

  • Histeria!: The Yalta Conference

    Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Franklin Roosevelt come together at the Yalta Conference to decide how to reorganize Europe. Several children enter the meeting and use different foods to symbolize the preferences of each of the world leaders.