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  • The Andy Griffith Show: Struggles of an Educator

    In this clip we the history teacher coming to talk to Andy after he tells his so that history is not important, prompting them to not do their work. The teacher talks about her frustration getting students to the level they need to be at and how the lack of support from families makes it extremely difficult.

  • Patch Adams: Occupied Therapist

    Patch Adams is in a meeting with his therapist; however, his therapist shows no engagement in the conversation and exemplifies poor listening skills. This is the opposite of what a therapist should do when talking to a client.

  • Patch Adams: To Be a Great Doctor

    Has profanity
    A medical student treats patients, illegally, using humor and gets accosted by his peer who reminds him the seriousness of his occupation. His roommate encourages him to the situation from another perspective- as a patient- would he really want to be treated by a doctor who barely skimmed his textbooks? The root of this discussion comes from the roommate's pressure from himself and his family to become the best doctor possible.

  • Freedom Writers: Miep Gies Deemed Heroic

    Miep Gies gives a firsthand account of the capture of Anne Frank. She is regarded as heroic by the students of Ms. Gruwell's class because she and her family hid the Franks in their house during Nazi occupation. Miep refuses to take the title of "hero" and states it was the right thing to do.

  • Smithsonian: The Egyptians and the Hyksos

    Explores the contest and rivalry between the Egyptians in Upper Egypt and the occupying Hyksos, who had more advanced technology, in Lower Egypt.